MONOGRAM CODE This is the monogram design in my collection I used in it's most simplistic form.

FRAME This is the design in my collection that I inserted the monogram into.

FONT This means the monogram was created using a font and we cannot change if. If a monogram doesn't have an F we can personalize the font to coordinate with the rest of your invitation design.

VINYL This means the monogram can be easily cut on vinyl and is acceptable to swapped out for any vinyl cut items.


The rule of thumb for etiquette is always the same, ladies first. It's true when creating a monogram, listing names, and even walking through a door.

It's considered an etiquette faux-paux to use your married monogram before you've said "I do". That is why you'll see mostly first initial monograms in my collection.

For a same-sex couples you are welcome to put your names in whichever order you prefer.